The people you meet in the river…

We were delighted to film with the BBC Countryfile team and have the chance to work with John Craven, director Joanne Grace and the superb camera, sound and research crew!

The BBC team were with us for a whole day in June to film a feature for the Summer Special; we were in the river for 5 hours and then back at the workshop for another four hours. It was a long but exhilarating day! We wanted to emphasise the sustainability of our work, and the knock on benefits to the river and its users – as a company we harvest a beautiful raw material, yet by harvesting we also help to maintain the river course by clearing the channel of the rush and weed that blocks the channel creating a hazard for wildlife and people alike.

Our jobs already offer an amazing level of satisfaction when you see a bundle of rushes transform into a beautiful carpet and basket; to be able to watch those rushes grow and then harvest them in our local river is the icing on the cake. Then to be filmed by the BBC and watch it back on such a fantastic show as Countryfile…well that’s truly having your iced cake and getting to eat it too!  We feel lucky rush weavers indeed!

Catch the film on the Countryfile Summer Special on Sunday 31st July @ 7pm!

Harvesting with John Craven

2 thoughts on “The people you meet in the river…”

  1. Enjoyed the feature on Countryfile! The bulrushes products are fabulous. I would love to look at the rugs as I think they would be great in our kitchen slumping area. Do you have premises to visit or are purchases all specific order?

    With kind regards. Julie Lindsay


    1. Hi Julie.
      Thank you very much for your comment. It was such an amazing experience filming with the BBC so we are thrilled that people liked it.
      All of our mats are made to order so we don’t tend to hold stock. We certainly welcome people to our workshop to see our weaving firsthand. If you would like to visit please call (01502 538777)/ email ( ahead to book an appointment. We are out harvesting in the river a lot at the moment but we would be delighted to show you around.

      Best regards,


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